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To comply with the IMO PSPC regulations, shipyards must record, for each area under consideration, at both the block and the erection stages:

the coatings and approved coating systems to be used, together with Type Approval Certificates
the Inspector's name and qualifications

the primary and secondary stage inspection results, including:

vShop Primer Surface InspectiondRelative Humidity
 vEdge GrindingdDewpoint Temperature
 vmWelds & Weld SpatterdDry Film Thickness with 90/10 rule
 vOil & Grease & DustvmFilm Continuity
 mSalt CleanlinessvRuns & Sags
 dSurface ProfilevDamage & Inclusions
 dSurface & Air Temperatures

v visual m manual d digital

With the significant levels of record keeping required to comply to the IMO PSPC regulations, there is a need to automate inspection data management, in order to maximise efficiency.

ElcoShip links all the requirements of the IMO PSPC Coating Technical File in one easy to use software solution. ElcoShip provides real time traceable information on the status of all coating inspections throughout the ship build.

ElcoShip can be used to monitor your coating inspection across any structure in the ship, including the ballast tanks.

ElcoShip automatically generates the IMO PSPC compliant Coating Technical File at the click of a button.

ElcoShip is broken down into 8 Sections: click on any section title to see an interactive demonstration of the software.

Coatings Library

Creation and maintenance of the approved coatings supplier, together with product data sheets, material safety data sheets, and other documents.

Ship Structure

Using architects drawings or block diagrams, each area under consideration can be identified. Once set up, ElcoShip users can use the diagram to visually see the status of each inspection.

Coating System

Each approved coating system can be created from the coatings within the library.

Systems can be re-issued if a specification is changed. ElcoShip automatically identifies where each coating and coating system is used.

Inspection Records

Visual, manual and digital inspection records can be recorded automatically using PDA's running ElcoShip Mobile, or manually. Records by task, date, area under consideration and inspector, together with any requirement for rework or concessions are all recorded. All inspections include a digital signature.

Register of Inspectors

Details of all inspectors, together with their certifications, signature, access rights to ElcoShip and other personnel documentation can be stored here.

Daily Log

Summary of activities undertaken in the day are automatically reported in the Daily Log for the Qualified Inspector to review, add comments and approve.

Inspection Regimes

Some Inspection tasks can be undertaken at the same time - such as surface profile and cleanliness; others, such as coating thickness cannot. Regimes can be created to maximise inspection efficiencies.

Change Log

ElcoShip automatically generates a record of all activity undertaken, providing a full and instant audit trail.

ElcoShip also provides the inspector with an IMO CTF validation tool - which automatically checks that all data is in place, all inspections, together with all necessary reworks, have been actioned, prior to generating the CTF either as a printed document or as a .pdf electronic file.


ElcoShip - The Paperless QA Solution

Although inspection equipment exists to measure all the information required by IMO - not all inspection tasks required by IMO are the same.

Some tasks are visual, others manual, whilst some provide a digital result. Through the use of PDA's running ElcoShip Mobile, users can:

Schedule and send inspection tasks to individual inspectors in the field. Inspectors can accept or reject an inspection so that it can be reassigned immediately.
Visual or Manual inspection data can be keyed into the inspectors PDA. The inspector can digitally sign off on the inspection, attach any photographs or notes and then e-mail them straight to ElcoShip for instant updating of the CTF data.

Any digital data collated with gauges with Bluetooth - such as the Elcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauge or the Elcometer 456 Dry Film Thickness Gauge - can also be attached to the inspection data prior to e-mailing to ElcoShip. Gauges with cable data output can be syncronised with the ElcoShip software at the end of the shift.

ElcoShip Mobile allows inspectors to undertake unscheduled tasks, from the field - allowing full versatility and flexibility.










ElcoShip - a 3 year collaboration

ElcoShip is a result of a joint venture between Elcometer and Safinaand is based upon a three year research and development programme, ecodock, which included industry members from shipbuilding, ship repair and classification societies, bought together to find a simple and practical solution to the challenge posed and included many of the leading paint suppliers in its user group.

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The 90/10 Rule Explained

Nominal Dry Film Thickness (NDFT) for epoxy coated tanks to be 320 microns.

90% of all DFT readings must be greater or equal to 320 microns. All remaining thickness measurements must be greater than or equal to 288 microns (i.e. 10% of the NDFT reading)









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WP6 - Specification of computer supported coating management system for vessel life cycle.

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