Elcometer Inspection Equipment

Elcometer, leaders in the manufacture and supply of inspection equipment have a wide range of products available to meet the inspection needs of the IMO PSPC regulation, for both the Primary and Secondary Surface Preparation inspections.

All products can be used with ElcoShip and ElcoShip Mobile providing a total paperless solution to the Challenges of the IMO PSPC Regulations.

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Elcometer 128 Pictorial Standards

Surface Cleanliness

initial cleaning to Sa 2.5
Elcometer 138 Bresle Kit

Surface Cleanliness

soluble salts - using the bresle method (or equivalent)<50mg/m2
Elcometer 142 ISO Dust Tape Test Kit

Surface Cleanliness

visible dust and surface cleanliness
Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge with Bluetooth

Surface Profile

surface profile to be 30 - 75 microns or in accordance with specification
Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter

Climatic Condition Testing

relative humidity and surface & dewpoint temperature
Elcometer 112 Wet Film Comb

Wet Film Thickness

wet film thickness as necessary
Elcometer 456 Dry Film Thickness Gauge with 90/10 rule and Bluetooth

Dry Film Thickness

dry film thickness for epoxy coatings minimum of 320 microns with 90/10 rule
Elcometer Marine Inspection Kit

Inspection Kits

a kit designed to meet the IMO PSPC requirements


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Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile GaugeElcometer 138 Bresle KitElcometer 319 Dewpoint MeterElcometer 456 Integral Dry Film Thickness GaugeElcometer 456 Separate Dry Film Thickness GaugeElcometer IMO Marine Inspection Kit

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The 90/10 Rule Explained

Nominal Dry Film Thickness (NDFT) for epoxy coated tanks to be 320 microns.

90% of all DFT readings must be greater or equal to 320 microns. All remaining thickness measurements must be greater than or equal to 288 microns (i.e. 10% of the NDFT reading)

Elcometer Inspection Equipment

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