The IMO PSPC Challenges

The IMO PSPC raises considerable challenges to the industry as the regulation identifies the need for prescriptive processes for surface preparation, coating, the inspection regime, data collection, reporting, auditing and assessment.

In addition to regulations on ballast tanks, void spaces and cargo holds, PSPC will be supplemented by Planned Maintenance regulations, likely to be based on IACS recommendation 87. Expected to be finalised by February 2009, the implications of the maintenance regulations include:

prescriptive planned maintenanceprescriptive reporting
prescriptive surveysprescriptive repair procedures


In order to generate the required Coating Technical File, The IMO PSPC regulations create the following challenges:

  • A need for qualified inspectors with marine knowledge
  • A greater demand for education in coating management
  • New technology solutions for ‘equivalent’ coating systems
  • A more systematic approach to inspection with objectivity
  • Increased automation & control of processes
  • Better data recording & retrieval

In order to minimise the financial and management requirements needed to not only generate the Coating Technical File (CTF) but to have it ready for audit by Class, there is a need to:

  • get measurement data quickly, efficiently and accurately
  • be able to retrieve the data
  • compile all the data needed to automatically create the CTF
  • be able to update the CTF with maintenance records

A Computer based solution seems obvious. ElcoShip is the solution.


  • minimises report writing
  • maximises on site inspection time
  • delivers significant cost savings

ElcoShip provides traceable real time information on the status of all coating inspections throughout the ship build – automatically generating the IMO PSPC compliant Coating Technical File at the click of a button.

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